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Over 30 years I have developed relationships with the finest mills in the world. Loro Piana, Ermenegildo, Zegna, Drago, Dormeuil, Johnstons of England, and others produce exceptional cloths that you will enjoy wearing.

fabric and labels
measuring for custom suit

I never start without you. From the selection to the styling to the fit, you are involved. After the selection and measuring process, we create a pattern, cut, and sew the garments. Clothes are ready for a fitting in 6 - 7 weeks. Any adjustments to the garments are made and those adjustments are made to your patterns. Future garments are sewn to the new pattern.

process for custom clothing
custom boots

If you live in Texas, you need a pair of boots! I work with my clients to design a boot that is uniquely yours. Choose from a large selection of fine and exotic leathers, standard inlays, or your own personal “brand." Don’t settle for something someone else has designed. Tell your story and create your own signature pair. Our skilled boot makers will craft boots that showcase your unique personality as well as a comfortable fit that you will enjoy wearing for many years.

custom boots for men
custom boots for men
custom boots for men
custom boots for men
custom boots for women

women's boots also available 

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